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2023 The 3rd China (Wenzhou) International Automotive Motorcycle Fair is grand opening
Date:2023-11-27 16:00:50     Views:669
On month 24, the third China (Wenzhou) International Automobile Motorcycle Fair, with the theme of "Millennium Commercial Port and Auto Parts Capital", opened in the Wenzhou International Expo Center (Haijing District). The high -quality auto motorcycle supply manufacturers and dozens of regional exhibitions came to Wen Shen. Among them, there were 568 high -quality auto motorcycle suppliers from Wenzhou, and Ryan accounted for 406. On the first day of the exhibition, more than 10,000 people came to watch the exhibition and purchase, of which 268 international buyers, reaching an intentional turnover of about 150 million yuan.

Wenzhou, as one of the important production bases of my country's auto and motorcycle industry, has more than 4,000 auto motorcycles enterprises, and products cover more than 5,000 series of varieties in 12 categories. In recent years, Wenzhou has continuously accelerated the gathering of innovative resources of key components of intelligent vehicles, and promoted the transformation of the traditional auto motorcycle distribution industry towards electrification, networking, and intelligent. "A new road", the blueprint of the industry's revitalization is getting clearer.

Since its establishment in 2020, the Wenzhou International Auto Parts Exhibition has continued to expand. Relying on a deep industrial foundation, fully exerts the advantages of industrial resources, firmly committed to promoting the expansion of the industrial chain, promoting the cooperation of the entire zero cooperation, through the "exhibition+factory" linkage to promote the promotion Industrial technology innovation. This exhibition has passed the Qualification Certification of the Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI), becoming the first UFI international certification project in Zhejiang Auto Parts Convention and Exhibition Project. It is also the fifth project of Wenzhou City to get this honor. Towards large -scale, internationalization and branding.

There are 6 exhibition halls at this exhibition, with a display area of 30,000 square meters. It gathers Yangtze River Electronics, Ruipu Energy, BYD Battery, Ruili Group, Guansheng Group, Zhejiang Yahoo, Zhejiang Gold, Songtian, Songtian, Zhejiang, Basteng, Zhejiang , Zhejiang Global, Zhejiang Yamili and other more than 1,200 high -quality auto motorcycle suppliers, at the same time attracted to the Jiangxi Yichun Component Exhibition Group, China Sihong Automotive Motorcycle Watching Group, Yuhuan Parts Exhibition, Lishui Parts Exhibition Group, Lishui Parts Exhibition Troupe, Dozens of regional exhibition groups such as Changzhou Modified Metropolitan Exhibition Group and Guangdong Microbiography Troupe were displayed.

The organizer of the event stated that this exhibition aims to focus on the "generalization, lightweight, modular, and intelligent" of the city's auto and motorcycle distribution industry, highlighting the advantages of Wenzhou's auto and motorcycle industry, helping high standards to build 100 billion -dollar automobile parts parts parts The development goal of advanced manufacturing clusters has promoted the transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou's auto and motorcycle distribution industry, technological innovation and brand cultivation.

It is understood that this expo is guided by the Wenzhou Economic and Information Bureau, hosted by the China Machinery Industry Federation, Wenzhou Modern Service Industry Development Group Co., Ltd., and hosted by Wenzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. During the three -day exhibition period, 9 supporting activities including the Sino -German automotive industry cooperation and docking meeting, cross -border e -commerce procurement alliance, and auto parts will be held.


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